Sep 26th 2016

Software Construction in Java (edX)

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Learn how to write programs that are safe from bugs, easy to understand, and ready for change. This computer science course is the first of a two-course sequence about writing good software using modern software engineering techniques.

In this course, you will learn what software engineers mean by "good" code -- safe from bugs, easy to understand, and ready for change. You will also learn ways to make your code better, including testing, specifications, code review, exceptions, immutability, abstract data types, and interfaces.

This is a challenging and rigorous course that will help you take the next step on your way to becoming a skilled software engineer.

What you'll learn:

- Java programming

- Software testing

- Code specifications

- Abstract data types


Programming experience equivalent to "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python 6.00.1x" is required, with a working knowledge of a modern programming language like Python or Javascript or Java. The course will use Java for all assignments, but will include Java tutorial elements if you don't know Java yet.

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