Sep 6th 2016

Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change (edX)

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Learn the values, techniques, and themes social workers use to help others as well as strategies for addressing social justice challenges. In this social science course, you will learn how social workers in the United States engage in creating change and supporting the resilience of individuals, families and communities in this new era.

Learners will have an opportunity to explore the social worker profession, the different roles of social workers in a range of settings, the cross cutting themes that guide social work practice, the history of social work, and current challenges.

Using a social justice lens, learners will reflect on current challenges facing the lives of individuals, families and communities and examine ways to advocate for needed changes.

What you'll learn:

- Core values and perspectives of the social work profession

- Key roles social workers perform across system levels

- The role of social work within US society and as part of inter-professional practice

- How to apply integrative themes using a social justice lens across a range of settings where social workers engage in change efforts

- Strategies social workers use to effectively address issues across systems and levels

- Strategies to advocate for needed changes