Sep 14th 2015

Social Entrepreneurship (Coursera)

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Join us and learn how to develop, test, and deploy high-impact solutions to society's toughest challenges.

Social entrepreneurs and social innovators are tackling and diminishing many of the world's problems. They achieve significant positive social impact through the creative and aggressive mobilization of people and other resources:

- In Africa, a social entrepreneur built an enterprise which delivers 70 million daily protein servings into the region at significantly lower cost and at higher quality than before.

- In India, rice husks are being burned to generate power enabling families to live, read, and learn after the sun goes down.

- In Latin America makeshift informal housing is being converted from fire-trap shanties into safe, concrete-based homes.

This course will cover a select set of topics associated with social innovation and entrepreneurship whether nonprofit or for-profit. Students will be able to choose their level of engagement by selecting either the open track, or the signature track. Students in the open track will master a set of strategy and planning tools essential for social innovation success. Students in the signature track will work throughout the term on a plan for an organization that they wish to create and will receive feedback from the course team.

By taking this course you will share in our combined 45 years of social entrepreneurship experience, and you will learn how to:

- Launch social entrepreneurship projects which have high-potential of significant positive social impact,

- Direct energy and limited resources to efficiently launching those projects with the most promise,

- Apply tools and frameworks to testing and scaling your own social enterprise.

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