Oct 5th 2015

sMOOC Step by Step (ECO Project)

This Massive Open Online Course - MOOC - which offers a practical and theoretical approach, is designed to help you experience a booming 21st century learning process as well as help you create your own sMOOC (social MOOC) in a step by step way.

At ECO Project, we will provide you with a space in one of our ECO's platforms to host - for free - the SMOOC you create.

This sMOOC “Step by Step”is conducted in six languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. It has been developed by a multidisciplinary team from a dozen professional institutions and has been built with their own MOOC experience and expertise in the ECO project and in accordance with its specific pedagogical model based on social constructivism.

At the end of this MOOC, participants will be able :

- To identify the main trends in virtual training.

- To recognize the potential that sMOOCs provide as resources for learning at different levels and in different areas and contexts.

- To develop the skills for creating a sMOOC, on a step by step basis: Why and how to do it? How to manage it? How to use technology? How to make it accessible? How to disseminate? And how to evaluate students and use the data?

- To develop the skills to disseminate a sMOOC.

- To use technology to implement a sMOOC, individually and collaboratively.