Self Paced

Size Up Your Idea (DBA)

Creating an online business can mean venturing into new territory. This course will give you tools and frameworks to develop novel and agile business propositions that are focused on real customers with real needs.

What will I learn?

"Size up your idea", the first module, in the Digital Business Academy, is designed to help you get started and gain key skills in the world of digital business. Over six weeks we will guide you through a series of videos, worked examples, exercises and discussions that help identify and validate novel business concepts. The topics for each week are

- Developing Digital Business Skills – why you why now?

- Charting the way – frameworks and tools to help you analyse new opportunities

- How to beat the competition - looking at your idea and how it compares to your rivals

- Generating ideas - how to generate great idea.

- Validating your idea - how to make sure your idea works, and how to improve it

- Turning your idea into a product – key steps to start you on your journey

Who is it for?

- You have an idea don’t know where to start

- You’re in a start-up but your not completely sure you know what you are doing

- You are in an established business but feel that could be being more entrepreneurial

What’s involved?

- Developing Digital Business Skills: Online e-learning material; Video case study analysis

- Charting the way: Online e-learning material; Business Modelling case study

- How to beat the competition: Online e-learning material; SWOT analysis

- Generating ideas: Online e-learning material; Idea Generation workbook

- Validating your idea: Online e-learning material; Customer Development activities

- Turning your idea into a product: Online e-learning material; End of module quiz