Oct 1st 2015

Saving Schools, Mini-Course 4: School Choice (edX)

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This course explores alternatives to traditional public schools in the U.S., with a focus on the evidence-based research that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of charter schools, vouchers, and digital learning.

This mini-course focuses on alternatives to public schools in the United States.

There has been a rapid expansion of school choice in U.S. education. Charter schools now serve over five percent of the public school population, voucher programs have been introduced in many states, and digital education has captured the attention of educators across the country. What is the theoretical basis for these innovations? How effective are the early initiatives? How do parents decide what is best for their children? And how do all of these options affect the students who remain in traditional public schools?

With the help of several scholars and participants in these new ventures, we will discuss the ways in which these school choice initiatives are re-shaping U. S. education.

This mini-course contains five lectures, with most lectures divided into three videos. The mini-courses also includes assigned readings, discussion forums, and assessments.

This is the fourth mini-course in a four-course sequence.
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Mini-Course 4: School Choice