Oct 12th 2015

The Resuscitation Academy (Canvas net)

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Survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in many communities remain stubbornly low. One of the main barriers to improvement is lack of knowledge among EMS leaders about how to change the system of care. The Resuscitation Academy has demonstrated that its mix of didactic information and peer discussion groups leads to improved patient outcomes.

This Resuscitation Academy is based on the two-day course held in Seattle. Experts from across the country will present on a full spectrum of topics related to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, including:

- Strengthening first response - Community CPR training, police, and fire

- Telecommunicator CPR

- High performance CPR

- Understanding cardiac arrest data

- Participating in a registry

- Importance of medical leadership

- Quality improvement program development

- Deploying tools for improvement