Reservoir Simulation (Miríada X)

Reservoir Simulation (Miríada X)
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General Knowledge in Geology and numerical analysis.
Reservoir Simulation (Miríada X)
Oil and gas reservoir modelling needs two types of data. Those that permit to define the static model (core, well logs and seismic interpretation) and those that allow to define the dynamic model (pressure evolution, fluid production, boundary conditions). In this MOOC we will focus on the dynamic model.

The main objectives in the learning methodology proposed are the following:

1. To understand the role of numerical reservoir simulation in the context of reservoir economic development.

2. To understand the fluid flow equations in a porous media.

3. To understand the differences between compositional and black-oil model equations.

4. To understand the numerical discretization of fluid flow equations.

5. To grasp the general structure of an Input Data File in different simulation programs.

6. To be able to use one of them.

Módulos del curso

Presentation & Course Planning

Module 0. Reservoir Description

Module 1. Bases of Reservoir Simulation.

Module 2.Tutorial on General Structure of an Input Data File

Module 3. Tutorial on Practical Use of Reservoir Simulation. Case Study

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