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Renewable Energy Innovation (REI) MOOC (Climate-KIC)

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The course follows a coherent structure, starting with a recapitulation of the geophysical basis of climate change, followed by an thorough discussion of clean energy solutions. As its heart piece, innovative thinking, entrepreneurship and business models are taught, guiding the students to the final challenge.

The Renewable Energy Innovation (REI) MOOC is an action-based learning resource designed for anyone with an interest in engaging in the field of renewable energy, in order to address the challenges of climate change. Irrespective of the individual background, educators, budding entrepreneurs, researchers, school or university students, and every interested member of the public can participate and contribute to the REI MOOC.

Joining the REI MOOC allows participants to access peer-reviewed, quality information and practical knowledge, and to participate in a range of activities. Core element of the MOOC is our REI Challenge, the ‘Eco Action!’ assignment, targeting the creation and development of new approaches to the use of renewable energy, its challenges and opportunities.

The course is designed to stimulate students’ ideas and facilitate their realization - be it at a personal level, community level, or in the business world.

The MOOC started on 15 July 2015 and can be joined at any point whilst open.

We will run the MOOC at regular intervals throughout the year. The MOOC will be run every 3-4 months: the next start date will be shown on the REI MOOC Information page when available.