Sep 14th 2015

Relics of Chinese History - Part 3: Writing System, Rites and Music (edX)

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Discover how writing systems and music played a major role in Chinese history through the study of artifacts and relics.

Chinese archaeology is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting fields of study in China. With a wealth of cultural relics unearthed this past century, the world’s fascination with China’s rich history has been renewed.

Part 3 of 3, this Chinese history course will examine unique cultural relics identified by scholars as important to Chinese civilization. We will focus on the music, rituals, rites and writing in Chinese culture. We will ignite your curiosity as we explore how these treasures reveal China’s past, and guide the future of Chinese culture.


What you'll learn:

- History of ancient Chinese writing systems

- Background on ancient Chinese rites and rituals

- History of ancient Chinese musical instruments