Aug 7th 2017

Public Relations Campaigns (Coursera)

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One of the most widely implemented and exciting areas of Public Relations is Public Relations Campaigns. What are PR campaigns and what are the best practices for putting together campaigns? What does the campaign process look like? How to go about putting together a campaign and evaluating it? Drawing from my experiences in researching, carrying out, and teaching campaigns, I will give you an overview of the campaign process.

In this course, you will learn the structure of a PR campaign and the steps involved in putting it together. You will learn about the nuts and bolts of setting up objectives, developing strategy and creating tactics. In doing so, the course will take you through a brief tour of various campaign theories. You will also learn about the key lessons that have been derived from critical analyses and synthesis of the research on campaigns. Finally, you will pick up the key elements of campaign evaluation.

I am looking forward to enjoying this journey with you in learning about PR campaigns.


Week 1: Introduction to Campaigns

Week 2: Theories of Campaigns

Week 3: Campaign Design, Research, and Implementation

Week 4: Evaluation and Digital and Cultural Trends

Public Relations Campaigns is course 3 of 5 in the Public Relations For Digital Media Specialization.

This Specialization provides an overview of the public relations field, emphasizing the strategic role of PR management in achieving long-term business goals. You’ll study the case examples and theoretical concepts that inform PR best practices, and you’ll gain practical experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research, planning campaigns, and optimizing social media content. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll create a strategic communication plan in response to a real-world PR problem.

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