Dec 1st 2016

Project Risk Assessment (edX)

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Learn how to conduct risk analysis of different projects using both conceptual and practical developments in modern finance. This finance course will begin by exposing learners to the critical role risk plays in evaluating projects.

This course will involve detailed exposure to statistical modeling and data analytics to measure the different drivers of value creation and appreciate how companies should make decisions in the real world. While no theory is perfect, this course will provide time-tested foundational aspects of risk important to understanding the value of projects.

This course is targeted to managers working in corporations or institutions and individuals planning to pursue a graduate degree in business (MBA).

What you'll learn

- To think clearly about risk in a world populated by uncertainty and risk-averse individuals

- To use statistics to both understand and measure different components of the risks of projects/companies

- To analyze the value of different projects after adjusting for differences in their risks

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