Nov 10th 2015

Preparing for the AP* Physics 1 Exam - Part 1: Linear Motion (edX)

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Explore AP Physics 1 topics and boost your writing and thinking skills - free textbook supplied. Upgrade to a Verified Certificate to get the added benefit of the AP Exam Prep PLUS 5.

In this four-part series, we will explore AP Physics 1 concepts and prepare for the AP Physics 1 Exam in an exciting and entirely new way. Increase your skills – and your readiness – for the AP Exam though quality videos, inquiry labs, Hollywood-style Concept Trailers™, Direct Measurement Videos, AP problem-solving sessions and more!

Part 1: Linear Motion includes the College Board’s Science Practices and aligns with its new AP Curriculum Framework. You will learn how to use kinematics to describe translational motion, ways to apply the concepts of motion, force, mechanical energy, and momentum, and new strategies for solving motion problems.

The enhanced AP Exam Prep PLUS 5 is bundled with the edX Verified Certificate. To get PLUS 5, register for the Verified Certificate. The course instructors will email you with directions for how to receive both the extra exam prep and certificate.

What you'll learn:

- How motion happens in the real world

- Ways to apply Newton’s Laws to forces and motion

- Solve motion problems using a step-by-step approach

- Think critically about concepts, experiments and data

- How to practice critical thinking, writing, and problem-solving with enhanced teacher and peer feedback (AP Exam Prep PLUS 5 only)