Nov 4th 2013

The Power of Markets (Coursera)

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The course will give you the tools with which to understand and predict market phenomena. A large dose of real-world applications will be provided along the way. These applications illustrate the power and relevance of underlying microeconomic theory while providing you a valuable opportunity to put the theory into practice.

The Power of Markets is designed to arm you with the fundamental tools of microeconomic analysis and to show how the tools can be used to explain and predict the behavior of individuals, organizations, and markets. We will cover the basic principles of microeconomics in a clear and through way, using numerous applications to illustrate the use of theory and to reinforce your understanding of it.

Microeconomics is the most important course in any undergraduate economics curriculum. Understanding microeconomics also provides an essential foundation to any bachelor’s or master’s degree business student. As a result, this course is designed so that both economics and business students will learn microeconomic theory and how to use it effectively. The course, of course, is beneficial to even a broader demographic that includes high school students to professionals drawn from fields such as finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, consulting, pricing, health care, public policy, education, and law. Indeed, the course is of relevance to all who seek a better understanding of the way in which markets affect our lives and livelihoods.

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