Apr 14th 2014

Physics 1 for Physical Science Majors (Coursera)

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This introductory physics course is intended for physical science majors and others desiring a rigorous introduction to physics.The course covers classical mechanics, including kinematics, dynamics, conservation laws, and applications.

This course is a rigorous introduction to classical mechanics, which is the study of forces and motion. How does gravity control the motion of the planets around the sun or the motion of a projectile fired from a cannon? Why does a spinning skater spin faster when she pulls her arms in? Why is a perpetual motion machine impossible? These are the kinds of questions which can be answered with classical mechanics, which was first formulated by Isaac Newton around 1666. Classical, or Newtonian Mechanics is the oldest branch of physics, but it will never go out of style. It remains the foundation of our understanding of the physical world and is constantly used by engineers and scientists. There is a space probe, called New Horizons, that is on its way to Pluto right now, and it will arrive on July 14, 2015, exactly on time and on target, because its path has been computed using classical mechanics, and nothing more.

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