Jun 13th 2016

General and Social Pedagogy: theory and research (EMMA)

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This course enables you to gain an understanding of pedagogical theories, models and practices in the context of lifelong learning. The course looks at the main aspects of social and pedagogical research from the post-war years to the present day, with a focus on learning as a continuous process, education for social growth, inclusion and emancipation, educational agency and educational practices.

Learning Objectives:

This MOOC is based on a connectivist model, according to which learning, and in particular, learning through digital media, occurs as a result of building connections that must be continuously updated and maintained, as well as enhanced and developed. For this reason, the ability to identify connections between different fields, ideas and concepts is the primary resource for the learning and should be developed through the construction of knowledge pathways that revolve around the conceptual issues.

The course will equip students with the basic elements relating to the most relevant issues in general and social educational research from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day.

7 lessons, with a new release each week:

1- Pedagogy and the learning sciences

2- Pedagogy and empirical and theoretical/critical research

3- Empirical research in pedagogy

4- Theoretical/critical research in pedagogy

5- Objectives of educational research

6- Epistemology of pedagogical empirical research

7- Methodology in pedagogical research: empirical and qualitative research