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Open Education and OERs Repositories (edX)

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Learn how open education and open educational resources (OERs) are changing the rules of education and how to apply them to your everyday teaching. Open education and open educational resources are deeply influencing and transforming the educational environment. This course offers a practitioner’s view of open education, open educational resources, repositories and applications for educators and professionals.

This 4-week course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which open education and open educational resources are changing the rules of education. The purpose of the course is to help faculty and professionals dedicated to education to understand the advantages of open education and how they can apply it to their everyday teaching.

No previous knowledge is necessary. Join us as you start your open education journey.

What you'll learn

On completing this course, you will strengthen your knowledge and career potential by demonstrating an understanding of:

- Foundations of open education and open educational resources (OERs);

- Open licenses that apply to OERs;

- How to search, create, use, remix and share OERs;

- OERs repositories;

- OERs Applications to Academia & Industry.

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Introduction to Open Education & OERs

Open source way

Open education

Open educational resources

Open courses: from OCW to MOOCs

Week 2: Repositories

Communities based on OER Repositories; Repositories of general purpose

Open practices based on repositories

Challenges to use OER from repositories

Open engineering communities; The case of IT and CS communities in Merlot repository

Week 3: Applications to Academic and Industry

Teaching through Open Education

Research and Open Access

Industry and Open Education

The Future

Week 4: Applications for OERs

OERs: properties, formats and tools

Creative Commons Licenses and their use

OERs and media: presentations and documents / video (creation and modification)

Other OERs (Lesson Plans, Rubrics, Assessments, etc.)

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