Online Teaching and Learning in K-12 (Canvas net)

 Online Teaching and Learning in K-12 (Canvas net)
Using digital classroom strategies such as storytelling, team activities, competition, and gamification, this course is designed to facilitate participant engagement, interaction, and provide an introduction to how to teach and learn online in a K-12 context. What are the differences between online and traditional teaching? What are the best pedagogical approaches to teaching online? This course will explore best practices in online teaching in a fun and engaging way.

Our goal is to prepare participants for teaching online, by allowing them to learn online. The course asks that participants be ready to engage in group activities and contribute actively to the discussion boards.


- Identify key terms and practices for online student orientation.

- Describe and select appropriate pedagogical components for the online teaching and learning process.

- Identify technology skills and tools required of instructors in the online classroom.

- Identify learning management system (LMS) skills required of instructors in the online classroom.

- Recognize and establish an appropriate social/teaching presence in order to facilitate student learning.

- Design a learning community that promotes collaboration and student engagement.

- Effectively plan and deliver content that allows the greatest opportunity for learning for each student involved in online learning

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