Sep 11th 2017

Online Advertising (Open2Study)

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Learn more about the evolving, dynamic, and fastest growing segment of the advertising industry. Explore the evolution of online advertising from the beginnings of the Web, and how it has developed into a major sector of the multi-billion dollar advertising industry. We’ll cover the key players, as well as the multitude of different creative formats and executions and how those ads are delivered and tracked.
Find out about the major digital platforms, including search, social, and mobile, in terms of each marketplace, the key players, and marketing opportunities.

We’ll also build an understanding the digital campaign planning process along with the process of implementing, tracking, and reporting on the success of online advertising campaigns.

What will you learn?

- How the online advertising has developed into a major industry and created new career opportunities

- The ways online advertising complements and enhances traditional media

- Essential digital jargon and key concepts

- You’ll recognise online ad unit formats, what they’re called, and how they work

- How online ads are priced and delivered, along with key measurement metrics

- That search plays a role as a “connector” for marketing activities

- How social channels can be used to amplify marketing efforts

- The way mobile is transforming consumers’ use of the Internet and the resulting marketing opportunities

- Setting realistic, measurable campaign objectives

- Identify the steps involved in digital campaign planning

- Understand the process of selling an online ad program

- Explain best practice techniques for tracking and optimising campaigns

- How digital has changed consumers’ decision making process and its affect on the purchase funnel

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