Self Paced

Norwegian (WMA)

The course is designed to help you communicate with Nowegian in several basic situations, to enable you to exchange common courtesies that are essential in Indonesia & East Timor.

The course has 8 Lessons, plus a cumulative glossary. Topics discussed are: introductions, greetings,directions, business meetings, shopping, inviting people and problems on the road. The activities for most modules are: objectives, notes on conversations, conversations, speaking exercises, additional vocabulary,self-evaluation tests, and glossary. Notes in Cultural include information on the land, the religion, the people and their history, the lifestyle & social customs, your living situation, things to do and things not to do, notes for female dependents, and recommended reading, plus Learning G+ Hangouts, assignments, meetups & Media streaming.

12-16 University credits from NYU-SCPS programs @ $120/4 units