Jun 22nd 2015

New York Architecture (OOEd)

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The course will analyze major architectural ideas and projects that shaped New York City. We will trace development of the city since its foundation in 1609 until today by discussing the work of some of its most influential architects. We will develop a critical view on architecture and learn how to “read” buildings both from their exteriors and interiors. We will examine the evolution of New York and at the same time try to understand the recent challenges and opportunities for architecture and the city.

This course will offer on-site architectural tours of New York City in relation to the 6 weeks of the course. We will visit selected areas of Manhattan, an urban laboratory for history, economics, social context, construction, and design. Course participants will learn the progression of development from a village to a contemporary metropolis and hence to a world city. We will draw, read, take pictures and engage in exiting online and in-person discussions about the architecture of New York.