Jul 11th 2016

Navigating Your Professional Future (Canvas net)

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Are you entering the world of work for the first time, changing careers or professional direction? Either way, in an increasingly competitive job market it pays to plan and think ahead. This course provides you with planning tools and strategies to help you achieve your career goals.

Course tools will assist you in analysing your current skills and attributes and help you identify your strengths. Further, the activities will help you recognise the value of your non-work-based experiences as they influence your career planning.

See what it is that makes a successful professional – our interviews with professionals from different fields explore a variety of career paths from the perspective of valued professional attributes.

You'll undertake tasks that help you identify and explore the disparity between your current skills and those you'll need to reach your career goals, and you'll form a plan to navigate from where you are now towards the future you seek.

During this course you'll have considerable opportunity to engage with other participants and learn from their diverse experiences of work and study and you'll learn the valuable skill of providing effective feedback to others.

The course is designed as a personal learning journey resulting in your personal career plan, so you are able to explore the materials and complete the activities in the order that is a priority for you.

Course objectives:

- Identify key discipline-specific and generic skills, attitudes and abilities needed in academic and professional life.

- Map out a professional career plan for the next five years.

- Begin development of a professional ePortfolio.