Sep 10th 2015

Natural Resources Management (UiB)

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While there exists much relevant knowledge about natural resources, they are frequently mismanaged, sometimes with dramatic consequences for those involved. In this course you build solid intuitive understanding of various natural resources. You also develop the skills and competencies needed for proper management. The course makes use of animations, simulators, and simulations, and it offers an exam and course credit at the masters level.
Application deadline: 27 August 2015.

Students learn to manage a number of natural resources: water reservoirs, fisheries, animal herds, climate etc., and they learn about the working of product and quota markets.

In addition to ordinary students, the course is taken by resource managers, planners, high school teachers and professors. After passing the exam, participants get access to the tools used in the course for own teaching.

The course is fully online with all resources one or two mouse clicks away. It builds on the “flipped classrooms” philosophy, where students are challenged to construct knowledge before being allowed to watch debriefing videos. The course is quite demanding as it brings students from basic dynamic insights to the research frontier when it comes to resources management under uncertainty. To facilitate learning through transfer of knowledge, a funnel and glass analogy is explored and utilised throughout the course.