Mar 1st 2015

Modern Hebrew Poetry שירה עברית מודרנית (Coursera)

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הקורס מציע מיפוי של השירה העברית החדשה למן תנועת ההשכלה דרך תקופת "התחייה" והמודרניזם שבא בעקבותיה, ועד לימינו. הקורס מציג באופן חי ונושם את המפנים הפואטיים ואת ההתפתחויות הסגנוניות והתמטיות בתחום השירה העברית, מראשיתה, באמצעות קריאות קרובות של טקסטים מן התקופות השונות, ומעמיד מאגר גדול ושופע של ידע תיאורטי, ספרותי והיסטורי, לצד פרשנויות עמוקות, מאתגרות ומפתיעות.

You will examine modern and post-modern Hebrew poetry and its reflection of Jewish culture, through the writings of 19th Century pioneers of the modern form, to those poets who were at the literary vanguard after Israel’s establishment.

The course deals with Hebrew Poetry from “Rebirth” to Israeli poetry of the last generation. Professor Ariel Hirschfeld will discuss the poetic revolution that took place in Hebrew culture at the end of the 19th Century, and specifically the poetry of Bialik and Shaul Tchernichovsky, who both radically changed the way the cultural agenda of Judaism was associated with the Hebrew language. We will therefore follow the development of the Hebrew literary community until the Second World War, extending over three continents. The course describes the dramatic dynamics that occurred within Israeli literary society around the nature of Hebrew poetry and its extraordinary poetic achievements, which is, without doubt, one of the most impressive poetic cultures in the modern world.

Modern Hebrew Poetry is an open, free online course, and all learners are welcome. This course is being taken by Hebrew University students for credit at the University. If you are a learner interested in earning academic credit but are not enrolled at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, there is a way you can potentially receive credit from the Hebrew University. Please remember there is no requirement for you to pay additional cost to earn credit if you are interested in just signing up to earn a Verified certificate through Signature Track, or if you simply want to take the course for free.


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