Apr 25th 2016

Mobile Application Experiences Part 4: Understanding Use (edX)

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Learn to create your own mobile app using HCI principles and discover how people use apps in their daily lives through user feedback and data analysis. Want to create the next big app, grounded in the needs of real users? Mobile Application Experiences Part 4: Understanding Use will teach you Human Computer Interaction (HCI) methods to understand current behavior in the domain, and then design, develop, and deploy your new application.

This module will explore how people use your mobile application in daily life, over an extended period of time. You will deploy and run quantitative and qualitative studies of use to understand not only what users are doing, but how and why they are using your application the way that they are.

What you'll learn:

- How to design quantitative studies including using instrumentation, A/B testing, and Experience Sampling methods

- How to design qualitative studies including diary studies, field deployments, and contextual interviews

- How to combine quantitative and qualitative methods to more fully understand both the what and why of mobile application use in daily life.