Aug 7th 2017

Mining Engineering (Open2Study)

Explore the many facets of mining engineering from exploration to production and mine closure. This course will provide an overview of the different phases involved in the mining process. From exploration, impact assessment, production and processing of ore, up to mine closure. Environmental and economic aspects will also be considered because they constitute important parts of the process as a whole. Emphasis will be placed on the key concerns of the mining engineer, the science behind rock behaviour as well as surface and underground mining operations. By the conclusion of this course, you will have a general understanding of the overall mining process.

What will you learn?

- The steps in the mining process from mineral exploration to closure

- Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics. That is, stress-strain, rock strength, effect of discontinuities, rock testing, stress in the ground and instabilities

- Fundamentals of surface and underground mining including terminology, types of operations, economics and safety

- Where could this lead me?