Jan 25th 2016

Mini Medical School (

This course introduces the exciting basic science that underlies modern medicine, and shows how we use that knowledge to understand medicine today. The course is designed for the general public, including high school students, who are interested in learning more about how the body works. There are no prerequisites. We want to help people take a more active role in their own wellness, and talk effectively with their healthcare providers.

Many who have attended the live Mini Medical School in Colorado have gone on to careers in the health care professions. It’s a chance to see how medicine is developing: what progress is being made, and what are the big challenges that still remain.

The course is arranged in seven Modules. Most of us will be able to move through the course at the rate of one Module per week. The course will remain open for a while after 5 April so people who joined late, or want to spend more time, will be able to complete it.

This time, we are making all seven Modules available from the beginning, for those who wish to move faster than a Module a week, or want to look ahead. All discussion forums will be open, though most of the activity will, of course, be in the fHow is the course arranged?

Each Module consists of 8 or 9 Units, video presentations which average about 6 minutes, so they easily fit into busy schedules. Complete transcripts of each Unit are provided; these are especially helpful for people whose main language is not English. There are links to fascinating (and sometimes very funny!) sites that may interest you. An optional quiz is available at the end of each Module. There will be a discussion forum for each Module where you can ask questions, make comments, and interact with your classmates and University of Colorado students and faculty.