Sep 11th 2017

Midwifery (Open2Study)

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This midwifery course covers the history of the profession and what it means to be a midwife today. This course will benefit those who are interested in doing midwifery as a career choice. This course will allow you to see the scope of practice of the midwife and understand that the focus of midwifery care is the woman. If you are considering a career in midwifery or a parent–to-be, this course will give you insight into the world of the midwife, pregnancy and childbirth. You will explore the role of the midwife in working with women and their families during pregnancy, labour and birth and the time following birth when the woman is supported in her new role as a mother.

What will you learn?

- The origin and definition of the word ‘midwife’

- The history of midwifery and how society impacts on contemporary midwifery practice

- The roles and responsibilities of the midwife

- How midwives are educated and practise around the world

- How partnership and woman-centredness are essential to midwifery work

- About the woman’s right to choose her birth options and be involved in care decisions

- How discourse impacts on midwifery and birthing practices

- About the concept cultural safety in relation to midwifery care

- About the link between social disadvantage and poor birth outcome

- How midwives support socially disadvantaged women

- The aims of antenatal and postnatal care

- How midwives support women through labour and birth

- The importance of breastfeeding

- How midwives support women and partners following birth

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