Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (edX)

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (edX)
Get started using Microsoft Azure to run your Windows virtual machines in the cloud. This course focuses on using IaaS virtual machines in Azure for IaaS workloads, emphasizing basic configuration, planning, deployment and management tasks. You’ll be introduced to how to secure and make your virtual machines highly available and scalable.

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What you'll learn:

- How IaaS uses virtual machines and the basic concepts of endpoints and IP addressing.

- How to determine virtual machine workloads and correctly size your virtual machines.

- How to plan, create, and deploy Azure Windows virtual machines.

- How to configure virtual machine IP addresses, availability, scalability, and security.

- How to manage, attach, import and export virtual disks.


- General understanding of cloud computing models.

- General understanding of virtualization concepts.

- Basic proficiency in PowerShell and command line interface (CLI) scripting.

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