Microsoft Azure Storage (edX)

Microsoft Azure Storage (edX)
Explore Azure Storage and how it makes possible the storing and processing of hundreds of terabytes of data required to support big data scenarios but can then scale down to meet the needs of a small business website.

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This course focuses on Azure Storage as a service that scales to meet the data storage demand, allows data access anywhere at any time based on an internet connection, provides a platform for building internet-scale applications, and can store structured and non-structured data in the appropriate format in the cloud.

You’ll be introduced to managing storage through Azure Storage accounts as well as the different types of accounts a storage account can contain.

Explore the different tools that let you examine storage account content without having to write custom code.

You’ll also get an introduction to implementing storage backup and recovery, including deployment of site recovery and replication of Hyper-V virtual machines to Azure.

What you'll learn

- How to plan for Azure storage, including choice of the most appropriate storage for a given scenario, and for billable storage requests and backup and recovery requirements.

- How to implement and manage Azure storage, including creating a storage account and choosing a storage access tool.

- How to implement blobs, tables and queues, and Azure files.

- How to monitor storage and implement Azure Backup.


- General understanding of cloud computing models.

- General understanding of virtualization, networking and storage concepts.

- Basic proficiency in PowerShell and command line interface scripting.

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