Jul 6th 2015

Mastering Academic Research: Information Skills for Successful Students (

Chances are, if you are researching MOOCs, you already know how to find certain information on the internet. This six-week, instructor-led course leverages what you already know about finding information to help you understand bibliographic research concepts from a familiar perspective.

Learn how to find, evaluate, and use library databases, scholarly repositories, data archives, and other open-access materials in your own research, virtually painlessly. Course content is geared for current and prospective college students – including brand-new and returning students – in all disciplines.

What you will be able to do after taking this course:

- Find the right information for your particular research need. ,

- Distinguish scholarly articles and materials from among the bogus and biased.

- Critique authors to understand their authority.

- Use search terms in combinations that give the best results.

- Reuse information and credit creators.

- Support original research with other authors’ research.

- Get your point across.