May 21st 2015

Managerial Accounting: Fundamental Concepts and Costing Systems for Cost Analysis (Coursera)

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Learn the key facets of cost analysis. Topics will include types of costs, cost behavior, costing system design, activity-based costing, and cost-volume-profit analysis.

While Financial Accounting is aimed at providing information to external parties (e.g., investors & creditors), the focus of Managerial Accounting is to provide key information to internal parties (e.g., managers, employees, etc.) to facilitate and guide/influence business decisions.

We will begin with an introduction to managerial accounting, terminology, and contemporary issues. The course then focuses on the various methods and theories that managers deploy when creating, organizing, and sharing cost and profit information, as well as the use of this information in common business decisions.

This course will help you to understand and explain the firm’s internal cost systems to managers so that both the coordination and control functions are facilitated. You will understand the strengths and weaknesses of each tool and be able to assist managers in deciding when and for what purpose which tool is optimal.