Oct 17th 2016

Making MOOCs on a budget (Canvas net)

This course will show you how to build a massive open online course (MOOC), including lots of tips and tricks, at an affordable cost. It covers content creation and content sourcing from the web, assessment at large scale using quizzes and peer assignments, communication between learners and course design. Not only will this course show you how to build a MOOC, it will provide you with support from tutors and fellow participants for four months. Depending on your level of interest, it will require between two and four hours of effort per week. This course is offered by a team from five European institutions working in content development, online learning and MOOCs.

Making MOOCs on a Budget is an online course designed to teach you how to develop a Massive Open Online Course at an affordable cost. It will run over a six-week period, during which time you will learn about:

* Planning a MOOC-building project

* Designing MOOCs based on pedagogical approaches that facilitate effective learning,

* Tools and techniques for creating videos and other learning materials,

* Sourcing relevant learning materials from the web for your MOOC,

* Developing assessments at large scale through the use of quizzes and peer assignments,

* Promoting your MOOC and retaining your learners.

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