Jun 14th 2016

Making Biologic Medicines for Patients: The Principles of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing (edX)

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Learn how protein therapeutics are manufactured and explore the fundamental principles of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Humans have leveraged the power of cells for millennia to produce staples such as bread, cheese, beer and wine. Yet only recently have we begun to utilize cells as factories for the production of protein therapeutics.

These biologic drugs are able to treat otherwise untreatable diseases. In this course, you will learn how these life saving medicines are made.

We will connect the engineering fundamentals to real-world application by showing real pieces of biomanufacturing equipment in action and listening to experts describe real-world engineering challenges.

What you'll learn:

- How to engineer and cultivate cells to produce a target biologic

- How to purify the product

- Some of the history underlying these technological developments