Mar 7th 2017

M212: Adobe Experience Manager and MongoDB (MongoDB)

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Learn everything you need to know to deploy and manage Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) systems at scale. This course will cover how you can take advantage of MongoDB to deploy a highly scalable content repository to support your business needs. Learn about installation, sizing, and the tools available to automate and manage your cluster.

We’ll also walk through detailed recommendations for deploying, monitoring, and backing up your AEM environments. Throughout the course we will consider operational best practices required for scaling AEM instances to accommodate growing marketing teams. As the hands-on project for this course, students will implement their own digital photo library.

Students should have a solid understanding of MongoDB fundamentals before taking this course and have access to an AEM 6.1 (or greater) license.

Upon completing this course, students should be able to:

- Outline the basic components of AEM and MongoDB

- Critique different data modeling strategies used by AEM to store data in a document model

- Distinguish use cases for which MongoDB should be considered to support AEM installations

- Understand the different deployment models and reference architectures for AEM

You will be required to have:

- AEM Developer License or Partner License

- AEM 6.1 or 6.0 binaries (we recommend 6.1)

- Vagrant

- Virtualbox

- MongoDB Enterprise 3.0 (free trial is available)


Week 1: Getting Started with AEM and MongoDB

Week 2: Data Model and Basic Setup

Week 3: Operations and Deployment

Week 4: Project Implementation

Week 5: Tuning & Sizing