Jun 22nd 2015

Learning for Sustainability: Developing a personal ethic (Coursera)

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We all have our own understandings of ‘sustainability', of its significance as an environmental, social, economic and moral concept, and as a principle for individual, collective or corporate behaviour. This course begins from your starting point and explores how we might make positive differences to the future of our planet, and encourage others to do so.

Many issues threaten the future of ourselves and other species on the planet. The most prominent of these is dangerous global climate change; and this with the over-exploitation of our lands and seas, loss of biodiversity, and over-use of manufactured chemicals, affects the stability of the global systems upon which all life depends. For our species these (and other factors) contribute to social inequalities and impact on human well-being and economic stability. It is imperative that we develop an informed response to these challenges and that we feel empowered and enabled to take positive actions towards a sustainable future.

In this course you will refine your own understanding of 'sustainability' in light of the range of definitions, contexts and educational approaches that we will discuss. This process will enable you to develop a personal ethic and positive response to ‘sustainability’, and help you to communicate these ideas to others. What on Earth could be more important?