Sep 15th 2015

Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish for English Speakers (edX)

Learn Spanish and explore Spanish culture in this introductory language course, designed for English speakers.

This 16-week Spanish language course is aimed at students who would like to learn conversational Spanish starting with Spanish basics. The course introduces everyday language and includes activities to practice all four language skills: reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension and speaking.

After completing this course, you will be prepared to introduce yourself, ask basic questions, and conduct a brief conversation in Spanish.

This course uses reference materials, cultural notes, grammar explanations, functions of language, etc. Students will be able to monitor their progress by taking a number of performance tests and a final achievement test.

What you'll learn

- Basic conversational skills

- The alphabet and numbers

- How to describe your nationality, your likes, and your family

- Using the verb to be; Basic conjugation