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Learn to Code with Javascript (OpenClassrooms)

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JavaScript is the most common entry point into the world of frontend web development. It's imperative to know basic JavaScript if you want to make your websites look lively and animated! Once you get JavaScript basics down, you can start learning a commonly-used library called jQuery in order to make development easier. You gotta start with JavaScript basics first though!

Whether you know already know programming or not, you can learn the JavaScript in this course (it even makes a great first programming language).

Learning goals:

You'll understand JavaScript data types like strings and numbers, as well as the roles that functions and variables serve in the language.

Part #1 - Learn JavaScript basics

1. Introduction to programming

2. Understand JavaScript

3. Configure your work environment

4. 1, 2, 3: code!

5. Play with variables

6. Add conditions

7. Repeat statements

Quiz: JavaScript basics

Part #2 - Create functions and objects

1. Write functions

2. Work with strings

3. Create your first objects

4. Understand object oriented programming

5. Store data in arrays

6. Conclusion and recap

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