Mar 25th 2016

JavaScript, HTML and CSS Web Development (edX)

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Learn the essential skills to create an interactive web application using HTML5, JavaScript CSS, and CSS3. This computer science course introduces JavaScript, HTML and CSS as programming and markup languages that are used to create web applications. The learner will gain experience with each language individually and then combine them together to create compelling web application solutions. The learner will have an opportunity to use Visual Studio Code on their operating system of choice to create and test their web applications.

This course teaches basic tasks that are necessary to create web applications with a strong semantic structure, re-usable style components and custom interactive features. This course includes hands-on labs that enable the learner to build basic HTML pages that are the components of a web application used to solve real world problems.

What you'll learn:

- Basic HTML markup and structure

- Advanced HTML components and elements

- CSS Style Definitions

- Aligning Elements using the CSS Box Model

- Basic JavaScript Programming

- A selection of External Libraries for HTML Applications