IT Support: Networking Essentials (edX)

IT Support: Networking Essentials (edX)
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The Windows client training as part of the Microsoft Professional Program – IT Support.
IT Support: Networking Essentials (edX)
Learn the essentials of networks from basic network components to how the Internet connects all over the world. IT Support: Networking Essentials is designed to introduce the core networking concepts to learners who are new to IT Support. The course begins by explaining the purpose of networking and then examines how networks are configured in homes, offices, between offices, and around the world with the Internet.

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This includes a review of network topologies, physical networking, and network protocols. The course concludes with an introduction to network troubleshooting, including how to troubleshoot common networking issues.

What you'll learn

- Understanding networking topologies

- Understanding LANs, WANs and the Internet

- Understanding wireless and wired networks

- Understanding network protocols

-Understanding TCP/IP

- Troubleshooting networking using built-in networking tools

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