Sep 14th 2015

Introduction to XAML and Application Development (edX)

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Learn the core XAML skills needed to develop applications for the Universal Windows Platform.

Interested in developing applications for the Universal Windows Platform? This programming course from Microsoft covers the core XAML skills you’ll need to get started in creating Windows applications.

By completing this XAML course, you will gain experience developing XAML markup and C# code using Visual Studio 2015. We’ll cover both beginner and intermediate tasks that are required to developer professional applications for the Universal Windows Platform. You’ll complete hands-on labs to learn the essential XAML programming tasks that are the basic components of real-world applications that are distributed between a wide variety of devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones, gaming consoles, microcontrollers, interactive whiteboards and augmented reality devices.

What you'll learn

- Basic XAML and C# fundamentals and programming

- Using XAML to create objects

- Extending the functionality of XAML controls

- Creating Universal Windows applications using XAML