Sep 20th 2016

Introduction to Windows PowerShell (edX)

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Get up and running with Windows PowerShell! Learn the basics of automating administrative tasks common to most computing environments. Interested in learning how to quickly automate basic administrative operations? Windows PowerShell is rapidly becoming the solution that IT Pros turn to with its powerful combination of a scripting language, command line speed, and GUI tools.

This self-paced course is an introduction to Windows PowerShell where you’ll get an opportunity to discover how to create your own scripts for automated batch processing. Learn how to replace manual, repetitive, and time-consuming operations with an automated solution for both local and remote scenarios.

This fundamentals course will help you prepare for other edX Windows Server and Microsoft Azure courses. See why now might be the time to discover Windows PowerShell.


- Learners should have some familiarity with how to use a command line interface

- Learners should have a basic understanding of computer systems including disks, files, and networks

- It would be helpful to have some scripting experience or an understanding of automated processes

What you'll learn:

- What is Windows PowerShell and how to access the tool through the Console and the Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)

- How to use the Windows PowerShell Help, and basic command syntax

- How the pipeline works, and how to discover object members

- How to use comparison operators, filtering, and enumeration

- How to define and use variables and arrays

- How to access PSProviders and PSDrives, including the file system providers

- How to use basic and advanced output formatting

- How to redirect output, and how to use grid views

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