Jan 25th 2016

Introduction to Venture Capital: How to Get Money for your Startup (edX)

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This introductory course teaches founders and entrepreneurs how they can get VC funding for their Startup. Video Lectures, Expert Interviews, and interesting cases will provide valuable tips and a good understanding of how the VC funding process works.

Being an entrepreneur and creating a startup requires money. This money is essential to building a prototype, hiring a great team, and launching a new product or service. How do you raise money for your startup? Venture capitalists.

Introduction to Venture Capital will teach you how to get the money needed to run your startup. You will learn who venture capitalists are, how they think and gain an understanding of their motives, investment strategies, and what they’ll expect from you.

In addition to lectures you will get first hand inside knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists on what it takes to successfully acquire money for your startup!

What you'll learn:

- What a venture capitalist is and why they do what they do.

- How to select and pitch to a venture capitalist.

- Basic knowledge on valuation and negotiation techniques.

- What a Term Sheet is, its clauses, and possible pitfalls.

- What changes when a venture capitalist enters your company

- How, when, and why a venture capitalist exits your company and how it affects your and your team

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