Mar 21st 2016

Introduction to Urban Resilience with HAZUR (Canvas net)

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This open online course intends to contribute to improve citizens' quality of life, providing an overview of how to assess urban services interdependencies and subsequent vulnerabilities, while anticipating crisis situations, investment prioritisation and cost optimisation thanks to the approach to the city as a System of Systems.

A new innovative position or role in city governments is emerging all over the world; it is been named as Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) (Links to an external site.), Resilience Program Coordinator, Resilience Manager or other integrating existing functions of the city chart. These roles are working with a wide array of stakeholders in order to understand city’s challenges to build resilience. At the same time, public and private initiatives are trying to scale a new emerging market related to city management, "Smart Cities" solutions and Urban Development in order to make progress on global practices in City Resilience.

After this course you will be able to better understand how governments, organizations and professionals are working with the municipalities to be "smarter", innovative and resilient by maintaining a cross-functional overview of the critical service network operational status, as well as using analytical and simulation tools to continuously monitor and improve the resilience of Urban Services and Infrastructures.