Aug 4th 2014

Introduction to Negotiation (NovoEd)

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All of us negotiate with others, in our public and private lives.
But most people have not had access to the knowledge and training in this important skill that is available in colleges and universities around the world. Until now. If you are new to negotiation, this course can be the foundation on which you will build your knowledge and skills.

If you have some experience, this course will revisit for you the basic concepts, fold in some of the most recent thinking, and set up the next course.

By the end of this short course you will better understand:

- Your Current Negotiation Style: you will take the newest scored questionnaire on the 5 basic styles of negotiation.

- Anchoring Tactics: how a first offer works, or sometimes doesn’t work.

- Concession Patterns: how making concessions operates to best effect.

- Managing Deception: whether by omission or commission.

- Curating Your Information: analyzing the information you do receive and identifying the type of information your counterpart is withholding.

- Dealing with Negative Emotion: how to work through the negative feelings that infect many negotiations.

- Culture: how different views of the world, of business, and of negotiation will affect outcomes.

You will learn directly from an experienced Silicon Valley practitioner and teacher of negotiation. You will work with other students on discussion prompts, questions and exercises. You'll see feedback from your instructor across the course, including responses to questions from students. While key subjects of course receive significant treatment, almost all of the videos come in short (5-7 minute) modules. Complete the course and you will receive a certificate of completion and be given an opportunity to provide feedback on both this course, and our development of the next one. Join us!

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