Oct 17th 2016

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture (Open2Study)

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Delve into Enterprise Architecture & gain an understanding of the tools & techniques for the design of business. Businesses today are fast moving and in a constant cycle of change and adaptation. One of the key disciplines to support you in this change journey is the discipline of "architecting" a business.

Commonly referred to as enterprise architecture, the discipline will help you understand:

- WHY you should change

- WHAT needs to change

- HOW you should change

You’ll begin with an overview of the architecture discipline and be introduced to one of the more common frameworks to help you with architecting your business - The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®). You will also be introduced to techniques for building an effective architecture team.

The course is highly relevant to those of you who are looking to increases your skills in designing businesses for the future. If you are looking to design your business to be more effective, part of an architecture team looking to improvement opportunities, or an individual looking to increase your skills to make you more marketable, this course is relevant for you.

What will I learn?

- What enterprise architecture is and the value it provides to businesses

- How you can use enterprise architecture to assist businesses in achieving their goals and objectives

- A widely accepted industry framework for enterprise architecture, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), including how to:

. Articulate and explore business change

. Highlight the impact of change throughout an organisation

. Effectively structure your plans for business change

. Ensure that the business change is effectively managed so that you stay on course or understand the impacts of altering it

- How to establish an enterprise architecture practice within a business

- The roles and skills required within an enterprise architecture practice

- Possible careers paths for enterprise architects