Jul 20th 2015

Introduction to Acoustics (Part 1) (Coursera)

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Learn about acoustics and sound fields by using the concept of impedance. We will start with the fundamental concept of one-dimensional cases, understand the essentials, and also cover extended topics.

This course introduces acoustics by using the concept of impedance. It starts with vibrations and waves, demonstrating how vibrations can be envisaged as a kind of wave, mathematically and physically. The essential measures for acoustic waves, such as dB scale, octave scale, acoustic pressure, energy, intensity, will also be explained. These measures are realized by one-dimensional examples, which provide clear and simple physical insights.

The course then moves on to explaining waves on a flat surface of discontinuity, demonstrating how propagation characteristics of waves change in space where there is a distributed impedance mismatch. Subsequent topics are radiation, scattering, and diffraction, which can be explained in a unified way by seeing the changes of waves due to spatially distributed impedance. Lastly, the course covers sound in closed space, which is considered to be a space that is surrounded by spatially distributed impedance, and introduces two spaces: acoustically large and small space. In Part 1, we will handle topics from vibrations and waves to waves on a flat surface of discontinuity. The later parts will be covered in Part 2.

This course is for graduate students and advanced undergraduates in acoustics, audio engineering, and noise control engineering. Practicing engineers and researchers in audio engineering and noise control, or students in engineering and physics disciplines, who want to gain an understanding of sound and vibration concepts, are also welcome.

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