Introduction to Accounting (edX)

Introduction to Accounting (edX)
Use financial statements to make better decisions. Learn the fundamental concepts and principles underlying financial accounting. The performance of a business and its management team is largely based on information provided in the financial statements. It is essential that managers understand the effects of their decisions on the economic health of the business and are comfortable discussing financial statements with stakeholders.

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This course will teach you to interpret financial statements effectively and use them to make better business decisions. In this course, you will be looking at financial statements from the following companies:

- Sandstorm Gold

- Lululemon

- Coca Cola

- Toyota

- Adidas

- Telus

- Starbucks

- Urthecast

- Nestle

What you'll learn

- Understand who in a company uses financial statements and for what purpose

- Recognise what counts as good financial information and what lies behind it

- Evaluate a business’s liquidity, solvency and inventory management

- Basic understanding of the key principles of financial accounting

- How to analyze financial statements to make better business decisions

- The structure and purpose of Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements

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