Sep 27th 2016

Interpreting and Communicating Data Insights in Business (edX)

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Learn effective strategies and methods for interpreting analytics and communicating insights to business audiences. Data flows everywhere today, but consuming and communicating the essence of these signals is no easy task. Business executives want to hear findings as efficiently as possible. Business managers would like an engaging dialogue with data, but turn data aside if the burden of knowledge is too great. Results really matter. A proven framework and method for interpreting and communicating data insights is necessary when the going gets tough.

In this data analysis and statistics course, you’ll discover effective strategies and tools to master the process of interpreting and then communicating your data analysis and visualization work to business audiences. This course will empower you with proven business analytics methods and boost your confidence for effective communication of insights.

What you'll learn:

- Methods for translating business needs into measurements

- Statistical and visualization methods for creating artifacts to deliver insight

- Techniques for building compelling data presentations

- Guidelines for communicating to business stakeholders

- Improve communication skills

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