Jan 9th 2017

Integrating Technology in the K-12 Classroom (Coursera)

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The ability to effectively use technology is required for success in almost all facets of life these days. In order to prepare students to meet this college and career readiness requirement, teachers need to carefully consider how to integrate a variety of technological resources and learning opportunities into their instructional design.

According to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), “Continuously upgrading educators’ classroom technology skills is a prerequisite of ‘highly effective’ teaching. As part of our nation’s continued push to ensure every classroom is led by a qualified, highly effective teacher, we must commit that all P-12 educators have the skills to use modern information tools and digital content to support student learning in content areas and for student assessment. Effective teachers in the 21st Century should be, by definition, technologically savvy teachers.”

The Integrating Technology Exploration focuses on teaching technology and digital literacy skills using a lesson plan grounded in the 21st Century Global Skills.

This 6 week Exploration is classroom embedded professional learning that you will engage in independently and through discussions with your peers in the forums. There are 3 discussion prompts, 1 End of Exploration Self Assessment and 1 Survey required to complete this course.


Week 1: Overview and Introduction

Week 2: Welcome/Explore

Week 3: Plan/Prepare

Week 4: Teach/Reflect

Week 5: End of Exploration Self Assessment Survey

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